5th ave playa del carmen
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Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

Playa Del Carmen for Digital Nomads [social_warfare] After a very cold few weeks in New Zealand visiting family, I decided to spin the globe and find a new place to escape the heat! I’ve heard

how to become a digital nomad
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How to become a Digital Nomad and where to start

How to Become a Digital Nomad – Easy Method [social_warfare] One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “how can I do what you do”, or “can you teach me how to become

jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling
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25 jobs for people who love to travel

25 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel [social_warfare] If you are someone who has always wanted to travel or looking for something to help fund your next trip. Here is a list of 25

how to say cheers in 50 languages, how to say cheers in spanish, how to say cheers in french, how to say cheers in italian, how to say cheers in russian, how to say cheers in german
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How to say Cheers in 60 languages!

How to say Cheers in 60 languages [social_warfare] For thousands of years, people from all over the world have been raising an alcoholic drink, clinking glasses and saying cheers. It is one of the most

Broken Limitz Indonesia
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Looking Back at My Year 2016

Best 10 Art Affiliate Programs of 2021 [social_warfare] Wow it’s hard to believe how fast 2016 has come and gone, but man did it go out with a bang. Even though 2015 was a very

The Perfect Travel Camera Canon 700d
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The Perfect Travel Camera, the Canon 700d t5i

The Perfect Travel Camera, the Canon 700d [social_warfare] Just this last December (2015) I felt like it was time for a camera upgrade. I had been making do with my Sony Nex-5n and my Canon

Camera Recommendations for Blogging and Vlogging
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Camera Recommendations for blogging and vlogging

Best Cameras for Blogging and Vlogging [social_warfare] There are a lot of factors to consider when travelling abroad especially when it comes to camera equipment. Before I travelled I had a NEX-5n which was ok

how to get cheap flights brokenlimitz
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How to get cheaper flights online

How to Get Cheaper Flights [social_warfare] During the last few years of travel, I have noticed that the biggest savings you can find when planning your trip are usually from finding cheaper flights. This doesn’t