25 jobs for people who love to travel

25 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel


If you are someone who has always wanted to travel or looking for something to help fund your next trip. Here is a list of 25 jobs for people who love to travel to help keep you on the move.

jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

When it comes to finding jobs for travelers, not everyone is looking for the same thing. Some people are looking for ways to earn a few dollars along the way, while others are looking for a career. So in this article, I have found 15 jobs for people who are looking to keep the adventures going, and also 10 jobs that are more geared towards careers. Hopefully, you will get some ideas from this to help plan for your future!

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jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling
Surf Instructor

Love to surf and are going to places that have good swells? Then becoming a surf instructor could be your dream job. While a lot of countries do already have surf instructors, having an accent and being able to speak perfect English could be in your favor. I’ve actually met a few people who live in the in Portugal for 6 months of the year, then Bali Indonesia for the other 6 months. Not a bad life and very reasonable pay!



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling
English Teacher

Teaching English has become more and more popular, especially throughout South East Asia. To become an English teacher abroad, you are required to get your TEFL qualification but once you have that, you can quite easily find teaching jobs all around the world. You can get more info about getting a TEFL Certification here



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

Being a lifeguard definitely has its perks. It is one of the more niche jobs but if you have previously had experience being a lifeguard and am a confident swimmer, this could be for you. As traveling has become so readily available over this past decade, what was once desert beaches are starting to populate, and the demand for experienced lifeguards has dramatically increased.



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling


One thing I have learned is everyone needs good photos, whether to capture a memory or to help promote a business. If you have skills in photography and carry your own rig, you may be able to get work as a photographer.



careers for people who love to travel

Promoter / Marketer

There is always a huge demand for promoters in highly touristy areas. Whether you are a promoter for a nightclub or bar, a tour promoter or even a restaurant promoter. Small businesses always require additional promotion at peak season.


jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling


Dangerous for all you party animals, but usually an easy option if you’re needing a job quickly. Peak season always brings in the need for more bar staff so if you’ve had experience in a bar before, this could be a great option.



careers for people who love to travel

Tour Guide

Love to walk and talk? This will be right down your alley. Being a tour guide is actually a pretty sweet gig considering you get to meet other travelers, walk around a city, get free samples from shops and if you’ve provided a great experience to your customers, you can usually expect a decent tip too.



careers for people who love to travel

Ski Instructor

Similar to surf instructing, ski instructing is another job that foreigners seem to get positions in reasonably easily! (if you can actually ski or snowboard) The pay seems to be good and accommodation is usually included, so definitely epic perks. Just make sure you register to be a ski instructor earlier as it is a highly sought after job!


jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

Kitchen Hand

Scrubbing pots and emptying food scraps might not be the most glamorous job, but a jobs a job right? There is always need for additional kitchen hands and an extra bonus is you will most likely always be fed really well.



careers for people who love to travel

Disc Jockey – DJ

Got an ear for great music and know how to mix like a pro? Then maybe you should try become a DJ abroad! As far fetched as it sounds, a lot of people these days tend to follow music trends, and the bar that plays the best music usually gets the crowd.



careers for people who love to travel

Hotel Staff

Not the most glamorous job, but an easy one. A lot of smaller hotels tend to do all of the cleaning and concierge services themselves. So bringing in workers during peak season is always a great way to take out the stress. You may not get paid the most, but no doubt you will get free accommodation plus enough to top up the travel funds.



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

Social Media Manager

One of the newer types of jobs I have realized is actually possible this day and age. While a lot of mom and pop businesses are focusing on literally their business, they may be lacking in the Social Media side of things. If you are good at creating eye-catching posts for Facebook and Instagram and know what the customers want to see, this could be the perfect fit for you!



careers for people who love to travel


Freelancing is becoming more and more popular with the recent internet boom. Going to sites like upwork.com or fiverr.com can now give you a chance to work remotely fulfilling jobs for various people all around the world. Some jobs as easy as saying words in English for someone!



careers for people who love to travel


Making videos for overseas companies can be a little tougher, but not impossible. If you are good at what you do and have a decent portfolio behind you, a lot of companies based on tourism (like hotels and tours companies) usually jump on board for high-quality content produced for them. It is usually at a lower cost for them but can be fun as well as rewarding.



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling


Having the voice of an angel can work in your favor if you love to sing in front of people. Similar to a DJ, people tend to follow the music and having great live music played somewhere tends to draw the crowds.


Careers that involve traveling

If you are looking for a long-term option that will pay you well at the same time, here is my personal favorite pick of careers that involve traveling.


jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

A crew on a Super Yacht

If sailing around places like the Greek Islands and The Caribbean on a luxury superyacht sounds like your cup of tea, then becoming a crew member on a Super Yacht may float your boat.

For this job, males are usually hired as Deckhands which involves tasks like tying the boat up at docks, washing the outside of the boat and scrubbing the deck. While females are hired as Stuarts which includes tasks like serving the guests food and drink, as well as cleaning the interior of the yacht. The minimum certification you will need is a STCW95 certificate which is essentially is about Safety at Sea. There is also jobs for Chefs and Engineers but further qualification is required.



careers for people who love to travel

Marine Biologist

For those who absolutely love the ocean, are passionate about the conservation of our reefs and all the amazing creatures we have in our waters, Marine Biology might be for you.

Depending on the type of Marine Biology you do, you could be involved with various projects happening around the world to help save the marine life. Areas specialize in reef conservation, marine conservation, water contamination and can include diving too! Here’s more info about becoming a marine biologist



careers for people who love to travel

Dive Instructor

This is the perfect job for those who are obsessed with water and diving. Being a dive instructor will allow you to travel and dive in some of the most amazing places and best of all, dive for free.

To be a dive instructor, you will first have to get your dive masters qualification in diving and be confident instructing people. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job as you are responsible for others underwater, but with the proper training, this can be a really great job to travel with.



careers for people who love to travel


Journalism can be a  very rewarding and exciting career if you can break into it. It won’t always be rainbows and butterflies, but no doubt you will be apart of some unique travel stories and get to experience situations, some direr than others.

From what I have read on the internet about travel journalism, it’s not always what it’s made to sound like but everyone is different. Here is an article by The Guardian I found which explains what you can expect if you’re trying to get into the industry.



careers for people who love to travel

Professional Photographer

A dream job for those who are constantly glued to their camera’s and love to travel is becoming a professional Photographer. Traveling the world, taking amazing photos all while getting paid and building your own photography portfolio, the dream.

Becoming a professional photographer this day and age will require a lot of hustle unless you have some very good contacts to help your career get off the ground. Getting noticed on Social Media’s like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have helped a lot of aspiring photographers becoming professional, so following the path of someone like Chris Burkard could be key.



careers for people who love to travel

Airline Crew

Cruising the skies by day, exploring different cities by night. Life as an airline Hostess or Stuart will definitely involve their fair share of traveling. You will literally be the most traveled person you know after a year or so in this career.

There are a few drawbacks to keep in mind though. Things like your lifestyle and social life will be affected, as you’ll be in the air the whole time, you may not always be home every night. Working with the higher end airline companies usually involves years of employment too as well as moving up the job position ladder. Regardless though, you will travel a lot while making a reasonable wage.



careers for people who love to travel

Travel Agent

Travel companies are always looking for the next best tours and experiences for their customers to have, so becoming a travel agent can involve being sent to experience these first hand.

I would imagine this would be a harder industry to get in to as it kind of sounds like a dream job and imagine not many people would quit. The tourism industry is growing very quickly however so smaller companies are always starting up



 careers for people who love to travel

Au Pair / Childcare

Good with kids? Becoming an Au Pair is a great way to travel and live in different cities and countries. Au Pairs are basically nannies, a typically foreign woman who helps with housework or childcare in exchange for room, board and a wage.

There are many cases where professional families require long-term Au Pairs who travel with them all around the world, some on super yachts, others flying in private jets. It is a more rare case to find these jobs but it is definitely out there.



 careers for people who love to travel

Medical Professional

All around the world has a huge demand for trained medical professionals. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or specialized in other medical areas, there is always places that require experienced medical staff.

To be placed in an overseas environment as a paid medical professional will take years of training and university degrees, but if you truly love the profession, this will be all worth it. You will get to see a side of the world a lot of people will never get to experience, that’s for sure.



jobs for people who love to travel, careers that involve traveling

Travel Blogger / Influencer

One of the most desired careers in the world this day and age is becoming a travel blogger. As the media popularity has changed from television and now moved towards social media and bloggers, there is an increase in demand for good travel influencers.

Traveling the world with free flights, accommodation, tours and even possibly getting brand deals sounds pretty great right? One of the downfalls about becoming a travel blogger though is that it is not always an easy road to get in to. While you do get many perks along the way, learning the right skills to become successful is key. That’s why learning from the best in the industry is key.


Best jobs for people who love to travel

As the economy continues to grow and technology keeps on advancing, there will always be new jobs for people who love to travel. It’s just a matter of researching and finding what feels like it would fit the type of lifestyle for you.

I hope this article has expanded your mind a little to the possibilities out there, and if you have any further recommendations, let me know below!


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