It’s been an amazing journey from start to present, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

My journey started as a high school drop out, I couldn’t focus at school because I felt like what I was learning wasn’t interesting and I’d prefer to get a job and make money. And that’s exactly what I did. I started my journey as a carpenter because I was good with my hands and I could get paid to go through my apprenticeship.

Fast forward 10 years later, I had qualified as a carpenter, moved to Australia chasing more money, realised more money equals longer hours and the fear of being stuck doing the same thing everyday was sinking in. At this moment, I started trying to learn about personal development, money mindset and entrepreneurship. My first book I read was ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kyosaki which opened up my eyes to what I had been taught and all the people around me. The next book I read was the ’40 hour work week’ by Tim Ferriss and after finishing both of them and mixing what I had learned together, I decided I needed to work online somehow so I could do more with life, while making a living.

From there, I started learning about blogging and affiliate marketing. Blogging was a perfect skillset to learn how to build websites, put out content and have a place for people to find me online. Affiliate Marketing on the other hand, was the perfect income process that didn’t require me to own products, courses or services. Instead I could just teach or write about those products instead and still get an income. This is where Broken Limitz started. Breaking the idea of only being able to earn money from following a normal way of life.

This opened up a whole new world of possibilities, create content, set up automations, work from anywhere and work when I want. Of course, it wasn’t easy and a massive learning curve, however, it was definitely worth it! I managed to quickly rise to the top of a few affiliate companies using Facebook Advertising and Instagram which blew my mind. From that, I was introduced to successful affiliate marketers, invited to exclusive events and experience a type of life I had never been able to before!

Since then, Affiliate Marketing has been my primary source of income and I have moved into other various channels like Youtube and SEO. I’ve also helped build a company with a friend where we hit $1 million in sales in just over a year, and I’ve helped teach 1000’s of people different marketing techniques.

My goals for the near future are to create multiple streams of income, constantly test out new methods that are working to further teach interested students, and grow my audience on Social Media.