Things to carry while traveling the world

Things to carry while Travelling abroad

Packing for a trip? It’s always a thought-provoking task deciding what things to carry while travelling. There’s nothing worse than travelling away from home only to realise you’ve left some vital items to your trip at home. For me, travelling for over a year now I’ve learnt that the easiest way to fix this problem is to follow a simple list of things to bring.
what to carry when travelling for 2 months

Things to carry while travelling

If you are travelling short term, you don’t want to take too much stuff because I guarantee you won’t use half of it. Try to be ‘minimalistic’ so you can carry everything in one carry on backpack and save on check-in luggage costs!

30L Backpack

You will need a quality backpack. The second time I travelled around Europe & Thailand for 2 months, all I took was a 30L backpack. It was perfect as it was light, had all the essentials I needed. Not only that but when I did actually have to walk long distances, the waist straps took all the weight off my shoulders so I didn’t end up hunching over. The biggest plus for it is the fact it is carry on. Save hundreds and hundreds on flights!


Clear Toiletry Bag

Save yourself a huge amount of time and hassle at airports, get a nice sturdy clear toiletry bag and stash it at the bottom front section of your backpack. So when you get to the airport you’re in and out in no time. So many hassles with those flimsy Glad bags they give you and looks very rough too.  Get yours cheaper than retail here!



Adidas Running Shoes

Chances are you will be walking a lot. Either around the city, walking tours, up mountains, you name it. You need good support for your feet, not to mention when you have your backpack on. The worst part about wearing shoes too after a hot day, if your feet smell. These shoes are breathable so the wind runs through your feet. Great for not having a huge pungent pong and they are easy to dry too. I have always used Adidas my pair has lasted years. Can not recommend more. Recommended Male Shoes, recommended Female Shoes.


Quality Micro Fibre Towel

If you are backpacking, this is a must. Some things to watch out for in microfibre towels is one, make sure it is big. Many times I have had a gym towel size and walked around nude in the hostel. Can scare some people. Next is to make sure it is of good material, some retain smells and don’t dry as fast as they claim. I have used this one before and it is good. Also, Don’t Get White!


Swiss Worldwide Multi Adapter Plug

Buying this specific Swiss model is an investment, trust me. I was a huge slack artist and for years I kept going to the countries and buying specific country adapters. Not only does it cost $5-$20 each time you get a new one but you start accumulating up all these plugs! The Swiss model is very rugged and hosts all plugs, this is something you will use time and time again.


Good First Aid Kit

It’s a no brainer, we need to have first aid readily available. If you haven’t got your First Aid Certificate maybe that should be on the list too. You never know when something bad’s going to happen, for the small price you pay for a kit, you could literally save someone’s life. Places like Koh Tao, Bastimentos, etc. don’t have hospitals on the islands. Always have been prepared for the worst. Get yours cheaper than retail here!

Multi USB Charger

This is one of my favourite things ever. I’m not sure if you have travelled much or not but this is definitely one of the things to carry while travelling. In hostels sometimes, they only have a limited number of wall sockets in a room. Not only can you charge your Go Pro, Digital Camera and phone all at once, but others can plugin too. I guarantee you will get complimented for it. Get yours cheaper than retail from here!


Backpack Locks

Backpack locks are a necessity when travelling. I have recently discovered the cord style locks and really like them. Just a little more flexibility if you’re locking multiple pockets or when the Locker is hard to get into. Always use combination locks too, losing keys is an everyday thing and is super annoying. Get yours cheaper than retail here!



 Quality Waterproof Rain Jacket

This goes without question, even if you’re in Thailand or Indonesia, there is going to be those days when it just doesn’t stop raining. You can always go and get a $1 poncho from 711 but chances are you’ll rip if and have to keep getting more. Majority of the time it’s not the rain that gets you either, it’s the wind. Something like this waterproof rain jacket is perfect, not only light but does the trick in any situation.


RFID Passport & Card protector case

This world is getting more and more digital, it’s kind of scary. All it takes these days is someone to brush passed you to steal your credit card details and take your money. Luckily Card and Passport holders like these are around now. They are made out a special material jamming all signals going into the case. If you are someone who knows of or is worried about those digital hackers out there, this is a must.



Battery Power Bank

Another one of my favourites must-have things to carry while travelling. Battery power banks can recharge your phone in the neediest situations. I remember when I was in Bosnia on the wrong side of the city, no currency and card wasn’t working. My phone had the directions where to go but ran out of charge. Let’s just say that was an un-needed experience. Situations like this make Batter Power Banks a perfect item to bring. Get yours cheaper than retail here!


Havaiana Jandals (Flip Flops)

If you’re Kiwi or Australian you’ll know that Havaiana’s are the best Jandals (flip flops) to get. Nothing is more annoying than blowouts when you’re walking huge km with your backpack. Go for quality, Havaiana’s last years, you’ll lose them before you break them.


Canon S120 Point & Shoot Camera

This has been my go-to camera for the past year. It is literally amazing, the photo quality is great in low and overexposed situations. Best of all though, is the video. The stabilisation is so good, it makes you look like somewhat of a pro. I always get asked what camera I used. Such a good investment for backpackers. It also is Wi-Fi, has slow-mo and is very small. Get yours cheaper than retail here!


Canon S120 extra battery & USB charger

One of the only problems with point and shoot cameras is that the battery life. You don’t want to be caught in an amazing spot and run out of power, so getting a spare is a necessity. Also if you can, get a USB charger, perfect for your multi USB charger. Standard, they come with a wall charger. Get yours cheaper than retail here!


Sandisk 32gb SD Card for Canon S120

The Sandisk 32gb 80mb/s SD card is plenty of grunts to run your Canon S120. You should get upwards of 8000 photo’s with it and get hours and hours of footage. The thing with SD cards is making sure the speed can keep up with the camera’s writing speed. 80mb’s is perfect. Also, it is a class 10 and an SDHC 1 spec, making it perfect for the Canon S120. Get yours cheaper than retail here!



Unlocked iPhone 6 16gb

Get an Unlocked iPhone, it is your guide to the world. From using it for apps like Hostelworld and Booking to searching for directions and communicating with your family, smartphones are a must. Without a doubt, iPhones are one of the worlds most popular phones too. Every second person you meet will own one which is perfect is you lose your cord. Not only that but cords will be sold everywhere. I only use my iPhone 6 16gb and it is perfect for Skype, Instagram, Maps, Music, Snapchat, you name it. I admit I am an Apple man. Get yours cheaper than retail here!



Apart from what is listed above, now you have to decide what kind of country you are going to. If it gets colder, take an extra jersey. If it is a hotter place, you could possibly take less. I usually take about 5 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 singlets, 6 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, a pair of jeans and 2 pairs of swimwear. Sounds like a lot but it’s not that much, can easily fit in the small backpack! A hat is also quality to have and even a spare pair of sunglasses.


Mosquito Repellant

Also, a huge piece of advice, if you are going to a place that is known for mosquitos, don’t risk any chance of getting bitten. Too many things to catch these days. You should go ahead and get some 40% Deet insect repellant. Something like this suffices. I travelled through India and the mosquitos hated it!



Always check the places you are going for risk of catching something. Things like Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Malaria aren’t so funny if you catch them. Ring your local doctor at least a month before you go or pre-check with Google, type in “immunisations for (country)”. It is also handy to take with you some Panadol, Imodium, over the counter antibiotics and try to eat healthily!


Hope this has helped you pack your backpack for your next adventure! Please leave a comment if you have found this useful.



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