I always get asked questions about who do I use to book accomodation, what companies I use to create my website, what tools I use, where do I buy this and that so on this page I’m going to list all the companies I use and trust online.

Some of these companies offer referral bonuses too so if you’re going to use them, please go through these links on this page! Chances are you’ll get a better deal too if you go through here too because it saves them paying for marketing.


When I go traveling, I always like to mix it up. If I’m going somewhere where I want to chill out, do some work or I’m on a holiday with some friends I will always use Airbnb. If I’m only in town for a night or 2 and I just want to relax I always use and if I’m in the mood to mingle with some fellow travellers, Hostel is definitely my one-stop shop for Hostels.


So Airbnb has now one been one of my favourite Go To apps. So far I have used AirBnb in America, Colombia, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Aussie and Greece. I highly suggest if you are travelling in a group or want a break from that backpacker lifestyle, check out Airbnb, you get amazing deals!! Click Here for $25 free credit when you first join! is an excellent platform for booking accommodation, from experience I have noticed provides almost every time the lowest price for a hotel in the area. Super easy to use and the customer service is incredible.


Hostelworld is by far the best backpackers app, not only because of its ease to use, but because the reviews from the people who use it are so powerful. When I use Hostelworld, I go simply off the ratings before anything else.

Travel Insurance

Travelling without Travel Insurance could be the worst thing you’ll ever do. I’ve heard of so many horror stories of people getting robbed, seriously injured or just losing important valuables which can cause ruin trips instantly, or even worse ruin your life. I highly recommend you always travel with Travel Insurance no matter how long your trip!

World Nomads

Choosing the right Travel Insurance can be a very risky decision, you never know what you’ll be covered for and that’s why I ALWAYS go with World Nomads Travel Insurance. They lay out everything your entitled to, what you’re covered for and their customer support is epic. If you want to learn more, check out my World Nomads Review!

Online Shopping

Over the years, I’ve found out that shopping online can dramatically save you money vs shopping in store. I’m an avid online shopper and always find myself surfing the web for new toys and accessories and the beauty of shopping online is you can do it anywhere, at anytime!


Amazon is the main store I use when purchasing anything online, literally because it is the biggest network of Online Stores in the world and is a trusted resource.


eBay is my go to store when I’m in Australia. The selection is huge and the dates are accurate when things are going to arrive. I have bought dozens of items from eBay mainly electronics and they have all been quality.

Web Tools

One of the most important things when running a business online is having reliable 3rd party companies working with you. If for some reason something goes wrong, you want the company to have 24/7 support and great customer service to rectify that problem asap so your business can run effectively and continue to bring in an income. That’s why I use the companies listed below.


Bluehost is one of the most popular “go to” hosting services for websites. It is well priced, very easy to use and the customer support is excellent. With services like a 1-click install for WordPress, you can see why it’s the best hosting for bloggers!


Having a great landing page service is crucial for all businesses online. Leadpages is not only well priced compared to the rest of the industry but it also has very high converting set of standard templates. I’ve tried multiple different services but continue to keep coming back to Leadpages so must be saying something!


If you have a any type of internet business, you’ll need to have some form of Email Marketing service. I personally love Getresponse for the customer service and the phone app they have. Very easy for keeping track on stats and geo locating leads.


Posting to multiple Social Media Accounts can be very annoying, luckily Hootsuite let’s you post to multiple accounts at once and also schedule posts for the entire year! This program has saved me 100’s of hours so far!


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